Spread it out as it is. It's free !

Anyway as DJ I bought a lot of records and I paid for them, also fees. During my mixing I am creating absolutely new master piece. , which is authorized and all necessary law/fees issues are held by Svaz Nezavislych Autoru This in fact means, it's free for now. Some digital/studio mix will be found on Gastrosound site. I don't want to pay fees for blank media, so future delivery of music is e-delivery.

VUAPS - Potlach'98 Mix | SS3X | Veehell

Potlach'98 tracks mixed together. This is second try, to make digital mix.

VUAP Rulez!

23CB42 Anniversary London Acid Techno Mix | SS3X | Veehell

This is draft mix made in ACID Music Studio to test how hard is to make digital mix. So consider this as just draft version. Real one (analog) will be recorded very soon.

40's are new 30's

Tady Je Mrkovo ~ Epizode Three - Return Of Mrk | AKA.IO | Veehell

Yo mother-F-yo, check it out diz piez of zhits. Random saturdays, random performance, brutal expoze, zo you might put your filthy left mouse clicking fingers calm. Coz, yo mother-F, diz iz not for common "P", diz iz brand new hot-zhits for VIPs. /Is this, ok, for making some attention?, Gez,Yez!/. Now they meme me, so i will meme you, but let me finish first, then i let you finish your mama's meme. /Gez,Twize!/. Oki, rubbish bullshitz are out, so you know, as usual, take a while, take a rest and enjoy some hard muzak. Done by Mrk done for you done at Radio23. Presented as it is;as it was recorded.

It waz not ment to be, but now it iz. Good Morning @ ShanGhai

TaNasePisnickaHezka - La Pardon ~ Tady Bylo Mrkovo | AKA.IO | Veehell

It was all about onemanshow, that session 'just Mrk serving the hot acid from motherland's major city. Skip the talky part from beginning and move to acid stuff. It's dedicated to my nearest daemons & souls.

One night in ... All night long!

Tady Je MRKovo I. | AKA.IO | Veehell

Once in a while, little fish call Mrk occured to be playing with the buttons at radio23. And accidentaly it was whole recorded. Enjoy the shit which was produced. Mostly the acid and reminding the past. Sorry for errors, but it was just trainning. My site My rules! I decide which mp3 will live or not.

Shut your noise hole!

Tady Je MRKovo II. | AKA.IO | Veehell

This the second part of heroic and epic story about PanCau. PanCau(NeAsi) visited the very early 90's. Brings the old & gold ravers, reveals all the hits and for sure preparing him self for the battle at the very private capartek. (spravny jester vi). This is the battlerecorded piece of artwork. As this first part was wanky-honky-donky acid. This actually is more like gayish-metro-sexist-emotikotekno. Just kidning, kidding, ....eh... you know, spiral tribe, crystal distortion, metek, okupe, olstad, gelstad, lsdf, casp.corp, dpc, hokuspokus, dbn, n23, axium, kronos, kronic records, with the favorite artists themselves. We will see if this will help him at all or not.

PanCau serviruje nemalou polivcicku, tak lajkiskujte, loviskujte a sdilejte voe na fejsacku. A komu nechutna, tak at mi polibi.

Acid Bomb In The Tube | AKA.IO | Veehell

This mix was made for special reason. At the London on Bakerloo line I was sweating like a pig. I got idea, myabe that's why the terrorists want to blow it... . I finally enjoy all the time at London, especially at Kinetec record shop. Some old hits, some remakes became my property. I departured at Ruzyne, went home by cab and after refreshing I start listening all the stuff I bought. One or two just as single ones. This made me to start to mix. So this is my rethinking of all my events from Motherland of Spiral Tribe. Especially the "bomb idea" was the major line of this mix. Hope you will enjoy it.

Acid Is Not Dead | AKA.IO | Veehell

Damned, this piece was totally forgotten, or removed from XHTML due some late night editing. Never mind, file was actually on site, but missing on web page. Now I don't know what to write about this one. Possibly as usual, London Acid, from some new vinyls from London shop Kinetec. It's little bit longer than used to, but hope you will like it.

You are not paid to think, So shut up and do your job!

Astral Touch aka Gift for Libras' | AKA.IO | Veehell

My second visit at London vinyl shops, brings to my bag a lot of very good tunes. There was time of Libra was ruling in Zodiac. I am Libra, some of my friends also, so this is dedicated gift to all of them. Of course the enjoynment from this mix might affect also the rest of Zodiacs. No doubt about it! :)

Bring me some hits | AKA.IO | Veehell

My mate from AKA.IO come by to my place just to visit. He brings some records and forgot them at my place. So i decide to ask him if I can use some of his "hit" records to make some new mix. So thanks to Mongol for providing such as fine tunes, it fit with some of mine. It is not perfect mix, I know. So be mercyfull to me. Anyway 90% is still good rating huh ?

ReSpectroGirls | AKA.IO | Veehell

Times ago we made party with Spectro sound system somewhere outside of the Prague. Pretty private party, not so much people. During my performing on the stage some of the girls from Spectro came to thanks me for the good sound. It was something for my ego ;). So as the respect to the Spectro's Girls I tried to re-mix same tunes at same order as I did it on the party.

MouseMash | AKA.IO | Veehell

I like teknivals, it is rare time to have long time mixing. But somehow there was no place for me on our stage for 5days. Place or type of my music does not fit the actual moment. Next time I won't bring any records at all. It will be better for all :)) As revenge i prepare this piece of music. It is not full of emotions from the open-air party, but hope it will pet your ears for a while.

Mix-up 666 | AKA.IO | Veehell

Hehe this was fun, I got old record with funny sounds. It has a beat, so it could be mixed! I thought! It was/is mixable :D. You can check it. So I start to make just example, you know only rist two records, nothing more. But my roommate played Diablo2:Lord of destruction, my second roomate was reading the books on sofa and both were enjoying the initial mix. So I continued to mix and mix and mix.....and this is it. A lotta friends told me, that this piece is excellent to be listen on highways in car. I sold my car so I have no prove. Let me know.

Dju'seek und paar'e'cek aka mix-up 03| ZSN | Veehell

This one is from old times. I was still as part of the ZSN and this was mixed as trainning before I went to play at XT3. One juice and one hotdog got me sick and i "visit porcelain god". I don't know how, but it force me to mix better than I used to at those times.

AcidTek2 Mix-up 02 | ZSN | Veehell

This was made because I lost my 1st demo tape. I add it here, just to make it complete. In fact I am not sure about the quality of this mix. Old times I was newbie-DJ, so some mistakes possibly was made

ZSN Mix-up 01| ZSN | Veehell

Possibly first mix I ever ripped and encoded to mp3. This is really my beginings, so be patient with the quality of the mixes. But you know I was young and not skilled. But usually, if I record and publish something it can't be so bad, my slef criticism is at high level. Hope it was the same at those times.

Old home trainnings | ZSN | Veehell

Those two pieces are quite old. I decide to ripp them from MiniDisc, even if they had some "bad" parts. This have reason, my friend start mixing at home. You know, how the begin is hard. So I want to show him my home tries. One is fast france tekno, mostly LSDF label. Second one was mixed from Routemasters, Clusters, SUFs and Smittens.The real and old London acid tunes. I am not sure if the MiniDisc was original medium, so excuse me for some noisy sounds

Gift to Love | AKA.IO | Veehell

So finally I record, ripp this tune. One from the many gifts I mixed. This one is kind a special. Hope that reciever don't mind this publishing on web. It was quite long time and I promise I will mix another much more better then this one. As usuall, my favorite London Acid. I gotta start to be more hardcore dj. Wait for upcoming digital mix.

Poklady z Prepravky | AKA.IO | Veehell

Some of my favourite tunes mixed together with really old ones. Due some filesystem space and latency during recording I had to remove the previous announced trak "tricky home less teknomad". sorry for that, hope this is good alternative.

Friendly Support for Neutral club | SUB4S & AKA.IO | Various Artist

Usual freaks and geeks, few demons, lots jokers, too many bicycle riders. 13th of July, the Friday, you know it means no luck, but for us it was very good party there. So hopefully listed direct downloads remind you the feeling.I am quite sorry for not providing the full party record. I missed the starting DJs due the really bad signal coming to recording device and only at mono. Same for liveact, totaly distorted so I deleted those on the place to get more space to record late night freaks. There is numbering; 03+04+05 were recorded together starting at 00:08 and 07+08 at 05:38, the gaps are the missed/deleted artists. Recorded via Atrac(HILP) exported to WAV and cleared/cutted/normalized and finally encoded with scene rules. Some of the mixes might be removed upon the request of artist, it's their decision. Of'coz the originals are prepared for them ;).

Join(t) the ride on Hofman's bicycle ;) !

~ temporary records ~ | AKA.IO | Veehell

... new sound card, old records, two mixes ... few bad parts, most good ones ... enjoy it.

PG23-Hardcore | AKA.IO | Veehell

I started to collect some hardcore tunes. Especially from NO Kontrol, PsychicGenocide, Epileptik, Deathchant performed by Hellfish, Emperor, Dj Japan and so on. You know that tunes really well as I do. I used to mix tekno and acid mostly, so hardcore is not my well skilled genre. Sometimes on parties I mix some, but never record. One time @home it happened. So enjoy this piece of crap ;D Okey, not crappy but listenable. Hehe, sorry me for my nerdish humor, finally it seems to be good with some bad parts, which I am sorry for.

Demons and Angels ! Feel free to Fatbear !

PG-Hardcore(s) | AKA.IO | Veehell

Nuh nuh, here are three tracks. Three different choices of vinyls. PG23 is the beginning, just testing one (as you might noticed above), PG42 is some more precise choosen tracks, mix is quite well done, but the soundcard mess up few parts as well as used to. PG77 is re-try of "42" but i remove some more noise tracks and put the Zone-33 and Format C:\ instead of Hellfish. I hope it will be good present to all of you.

What the hell is the PG? ... The question is ... Who Cares! ...

AcidMix.II | AKA.IO | Veehell

Years ago someone asked for mix on tape. I am not happy to record something on request. So I put the tape somewhere a never record anything on it. After 2 years of holding this tape I finally record something on it. It is mainly LondonAcid (my favourite genre). I never returned the tape to original owner, so enjoy the re-recorded piece of music.

It is from 08/09/2002 ;)

Break-Fast-Skunk-Mix | ZSN | Veehell

I finally re-record some tapes to my drive. This one was specially mixed for my friend's way to NewYork. He listen it then in car and left it in car-cassette player for almost 6 month. Due this few parts are really damaged by unproper storage. On the end of side B there is one of mine favorite record, which was stolen on Czechtek 2000. So this tape was recorded originaly before this teknival.

Re-Birth:Records | ZSN | Veehell

I found one really old tape, from 1999. I played a lot with Re-Birth, so once I recorded two sessions with this software (19.01.99[A] and 20.01.99[B]). It is not so well composed as a piece, but I like few parts, few moments are really good. Anyway as I am creating digital archive of all my records (vinyls, cds, tapes) this came up to be archived.

Some of the TAPE archives will reveal some treasures soon. Stay tuned.