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Some Music for you ;) ... AKA.io
Acid Is Not Dead
Astral Touch aka Gift for all born under Libra
Bring me some hits
Respect to Spectro Girsl
Mix-up 666
Acid Bomb In The Tube
Mouse Mash
Oldies,but Goldies ... Zuqwa Sound Net
Dju'seek und paar'e'cek aka mix-up 03
Acid Tek#2 mixu-up 02
Mix-up 01
Yummy, some really old stuff was found on my drive.
Years ago, ReBirth(s), Reactors, Duckers and some other music application was out there.
I tried some, but afterwhile i found vinyls more impresive. ;-). Some of them was on site
www.mp3.com/zuqwasoundnet, but some troubles came abroad ... you know "MP3" was new at those
times. So i renamed all tracks (but not ID3 tags), i filtered and prepare some of them 4U:
VH_-_ZSN-tracks-01. 02. 03. 04. 05. 06
VH_-_P8N-tracks-01. 02. 03. 04. 05.
LOOP_robomover. LOOP_reburn. LOOP_poisoner. LOOP_monkeydancer.

There will be more mixes soon, like archive... gimme time to ripp them from MiniDiscs and tapes ...

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