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There are three releases of vinyl rips from VUAP. First, the old one, is 'kiNky' release, coming from internal archives. Other one are directly from 'SS3X' aka Strahov Sound System crew. There is 'file_id.diz' for each release with some info. Also there is readme file with sha512 checksums for each archive and individual files.

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  • VUAP_-_Potlach98-1998-kiNky

    This was my first release made ever. One of those 'initial' ones. So it follows all those rules made by scene release groups. Recorded, manual check for peaks, click-clack sound manually eliminated, normalized per channel to 0dB, encoded with LAME on variable custom preset. As it is vinyl rip, not so high bitrate.I will look for original WAV source files. So I can provide another special release edition(wav|flac).

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    As requested by many users, here we come with new vinyl rip. Recorded on MiniDisc, exported to wav, cutted, normalized to -3dB. Encoded to FLAC on highest bitrate with medium compression, tagged. No special scene rules applied. Just for a bit of conspiracy23 archive file was encrypted with simple password.

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  • There is readme file out there. So read it before unpack :-)


    Same story as for above listed item. Only this time i have two audio sources. I hope you'll enjoy double release. Encrypted as well, simply as DDMMYYY.

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  • Problem with unpack? Maybe read-me=help-you.

    VUAPS - Potlach'98 Mix | SS3X | Veehell

    Potlach'98 tracks mixed together. This is second try, to make digital mix.

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