You may stop the party, but can't stop future

Since Hostomice teknival celebration had taken place I started to be part of DIY culture. Hope I did it well and still do. Those times were old-skull. Zuqwa Sound Net sound crew established few month after the teknival96. As part of ZSN's core we enjoyed together very good times. Thanks dudes! Really thanks!

After Czechtek 2k some internal issues raised up in ZSN so I left them and join other crew which started to be part of the scene as newbies. They called Aka Sound Crew. Few parties born and died, all was ok, so I became part of the AKA.

We made a lotta parties out there. Alone and with other friendly systems. All was ok and next phase was pretty clear. We start co-operated with IO.LAB (aka IO.SYS in the past). This very good co-operating team is known as AKA.IO shortly AI or AKA it does not matter. It is all about the music anyway.

After Babik aka VUAP left our realms, I got invitation to be part of SS3X, it's not'bout any issues in AKA.IO, but seems to be the evolution, life just go on. And you know, be part of this sound is kind of to be part of history. So I am finally glad.

I have some other history, but this site is not meant as "blog" or "personal" site. So that's enought for now. You can use google to find me outta there. Maybe some links


You can reach me online on IRC Quakenet. Bounce me to @freeVH @veehell

Common e-mail:veehell[at]gmail[dot]com is ok to use

Secure e-mail:veehell[at]protonmail[dot]com .